For the Environment

We operate a policy whereby we have minimal waste. We try to recycle and repurpose as much as possible and we thank our customers for engaging with us in our endeavours. We recycle the hair that is cut by sending it to a charity overseas that repurposes it into pet beds. We have been engaged in this for the last 30 years!

Our product bottle are all recyclable and if you ask for a sample or refill, you will be given a repurposed bottle.

We changed our product policies some years ago to use natural and organic ingredients only. This was done for the health of the staff, customers and the environment.

Recently, we had a visit from some overzealous enforcement officers from the local council who could not accept that ANY business could or would work to minimise waste, not use harmful products and want to protect the environment. It appears that the Royal Borough are intent on destroying local businesses with a desire to protect the world around them. Please help us in our efforts to proetct the planet.

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